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re: Panta Quests


1st Quest: Speak to the first yellow dot on your map. Located very close on a hill where players portal into Pantanasa right past the first mobs is an NPC named Gilles Gederlin.
When you click on him: "Anything that interferes with the interests of humans will be eliminated. That was my brother's wish, and it is mine as well."
Quest Name: What Are You Made Of?
Quest Info: Isn't this island beautiful? It's the kind of place I'd like to settle down and spend my autumn years, if it weren't for the fact that it's crawling with some of the deadliest creatures known to man. The king says you're a veritable prodigy, but we're a long way from Apulune. To be honest, I'm not sure if you have what it takes. Before you go getting yourself killed, I want to see you in action. As a test of your skills, you'll need to kill a Sand Tatorama & a Venomhorn Basilisk. You should be able to find them just outside the port. If you survive, we'll see about finding a use for you.
Reward: 376,000 gold, 4,174,040 experience
Objective: Kill 20 Sand Tatoramos & 20 Venomhorn Basilisks on the beaches of Crowd Port and report back to Gilles Gederlin.
When turned in: Don't get cocky. Those are the weakest creatures out here, next to those good-for-nothing elves. The day you stop treating these monsters with respect is the dat you die.

2nd Quest: Report For Duty
You'll see another yellow dot over Gilles Gederlin's head and a second quest is available upon finishing the first one. Speak to him a second time now.
Quest Name: Report For Duty
Quest Info: Fine, fine, you've proved you're no pushover. At least I wont have to worry about another dead adventurer on my hands. Take this letter to Watch Captain Winters. He's in charge of guarding this port, and he'll decide your duties. Let me know if he's the least bit unprofessional. If it were up to me, I'd never promote an Elf to Watch Captain.
Reward: 37,000 gold, 1,998,280 experience
Objective: Talk to Watch Captain Winters, who is located very close to Gilles Gederlin.
When you click on Watch Captain Winters: Do you have an evil heart? Of so, we won' tolerate your presence.
When turned in: Greetings, I am Watch Captain Winters. My job is to guard this place from all who have evil in their hearts. The Union of Fury has already claimed the nearby island of Teodores, and begun searching for the same powers we seek. We must fortify our position here on Pantanassa, and discover the source of its magic before our foes. 

3rd Quest: Winter's Watch
You'll see a quest to be picked up from Watch Captain Winters upon completing the "Report For Duty" quest.
Quest Name: Winter's Watch
Quest Info: (Watch Captain Winters reads Gilles' letter carefully.)
A letter from Gilles Gederlin? Unbelievable, we've never gotten along at all. I'm in charge of guarding Crowd Port, and I think he resents me for that. Not that I'd ever turn down a little extra help around here. Politics has never concerned me as much as keeping the peace. Prepare yourself' I'm sure I'll find a use for you.
Reward: 37,600 gold, 1,998,280 experience
When turned in: Oh, you're prepared already? It's good to see a recruit so eager. If I only had a few more like you, we'd have nothing to fear in all of Pantanassa!

4th Quest: A Guild In Need
Watch Captain Winters has another quest for you, so go ahead and talk to him once more.
Quest Name: A Guild In Need.
Quest Info: I need you to meet with Schierke of the Merchant Guild. Something is wrong, but I'm far too busy to deal with every little problem that pops up around here. See what she needs, and help in any way you can.
Reward: 37,600 gold & 1,223,180 experience
Click on Schierke and you'll read: I will become the greatest merchant in all of Pantanassa!
When turned in: Did Winters send you to help me? Oh, thank the Goddess!

5th Quest: Stolen Goods
I think everyone on this little hill has issues, that's okay because we're here to help, right? Talk to Schierke again.
Quest Name: Stolen Goods
Quest Info: I'm Schierke, the logistics manager for the Pantanassa Merchant Guild. On our first day here, Venomhorn Basilisks attacked us and made off with much of our precious inventory. They're drawn to things that gleam, hou see. For their nests.
With the help of the Watch Captain we were able to recover most of our property, but the basilisks still have many of our crucial supplies. Will you help us recover our goods?
Reward: 376,000 gold & 4,174,040 experience
Objective: The stolen goods are not a high drop chance, I'd say one dropped every 3-4 kills on basilisks. Recover 15 stolen goods. & turn the quest into Schierke for your reward.
When turned in: Oh, my, you really did it! I was so afraid that you'd be killed, like all the others. But this is much preferable! Thank you!

6th Quest: Hide And Seek
Schierke wants your help again, talk to her once more to pick up this quest.
Quest Name: Hide And Seek
Quest Info: Have you seen the Sand Tatoramos that live in the area? Their hides are truly gorgeous: (LOL WHAT?) the way their scales catch the light, and glitter like gold. They could be used to craft all sorts of valuable things. If you bring me some, I'll make you something great!
Reward: 376,000 gold & 4,174,040 experience
Objective: Grab 15 tatoramo hide and return back to Schierke for your reward.
When turned in: They look even better up close. Wait around a while, it takes time to craft quality items.

7th Quest: Deathspear Pirates
Speak to stingy little priest man Gilles Gederlin once more to pick up this quest.
Quest Name: Deathspear Pirates
Quest Info: Enough make-work, I have an important mission for you. Off the books, so to speak. There's a pirate band called the Deathspear that has a base just south of her. They're led by a nasty piece of work names Bloodtooth Bellows. He's recently graduated from nuisance to menace, and I want him gone.
Rumor has it the Deathspear base is large ungauraded right now, so it's an ideal time for pirate hunting. What do you say? Are you up for killing a few Deathspear Deckhands and Deathspear Assassins?
Reward: 376,000 gold & 4,215,360 experience
Objective: Kill 30 Deathspear Deckhands & 15 Deathspear Assassins
When turned in: Good work. Perhaps now the Deathspear will realize the price of their piracy.

[b:4920a857da]8th Quest:
No Rest For the Weary
Gilles Gederlin seems to be social despite the fact I just want to seem to stay away from him. Talk to him again.
Quest Name: No Rest For the Weary
Quest Info: You've done well, but your task is just beginning. Some of the Deathspear pirates have returned from their reaving, and once they see what you did, they're sure to retaliate. Go out to meet them, and show those sea dogs what the Alliance is made of! Slay the Deathspear Rippers and Deathspear Duelists, and speak to Serik Thrasea when you're done.
Reward: 376,000 gold & 4.215,360 experience
Objective: Kill 15 Deathspear Rippers & 25 Deathspear Duelists then speak to Serik Thrasea
When speaking to Thrasea: I've heard all about how you're solving our pirate infestation. Not bad. Maybe you'll be the one who finally does in old Bloodtooth Bellows.

9th Quest: Bloodtooth's Decree
Now Serik Threasea has a quest for you. See what he wants.
Quest Name: Bloodtooth's Decree
Quest Info: To be honest, we let the Deathspear pirates get out of hand. We didn't take them seriously when they first came to these islands, and now they've grown into a real threat. We need to take their leader, Bloodtooth Bellows, but he's famously secretive and nearly impossible to trade down. We may still have a chance through. My sources tell me there are high-ranking Deathspear pirates nearby who carry the Ciphers that can decode their manifesto. If you can kill the Deathspear Plunderers and get us those ciphers, it might just lead us to Bloodtooth's secret hideout.
Reward: 376,600 gold & 4.215,360 experience
Objective: Get 12 Deathspear Manifesto and report back to Serik Threasea

10th Quest: Codebreakers
Serik Thrasea has nother quest for you.. again. Go talk to him.
Quest Name: Codebreakers
Quest Info: I know a scholar named Condo Nylas, who may be able tob reak the code using these ciphers. He's already got their manifesto; bring him the ciphers immediately, and tell him I sent you.
Reward: 36,700 gold & 1,998,280 experience
Objective: speak to Condo Nyles to turn in the Codebreakers quest.
When you click on Condo Nyles: Be silent! I'm trying to work here!

11th Quest: Codebreakers
Now we're helping the mage named Condo Nyles.
Quest Name: Codebreakers
Quest Info: Hello. Let me guess, Serik sent you? This happens now and then, whenever he's stumbled across a particularly interesting puzle. I specialize in decrypting ancient maps and languages, you see. Well, what have you got then?
Reward: 1,998,280 experience and 37,600 gold.
Objective: Just talk to him and you're finished with the quest.

12th Quest: The Pirate's Lair
Condo Nyles needs your help again, speak with him once more.
Quest Name: The Pirate's Lair
Quest Info: I see, yes... well there is good news and bad news. The good news is it's a fairly simple encryption. The bad news is this doesn't bear the location of Bloodtooth's hideout. It's just a ist of plunder from their most recent raids to the east. I'm sorry, friend. You'll have to return to Serik empty-handed.
Reward: 376,600 gold and 1,332,180 experience.
Objective: Talk to Serik Thrasea once more to finish this quest.

13th Quest: He Will Not Escape!
Serik needs your help again, talk to him.
Quest Name: He Will Not Escape!
Quest Info: I thought the manifesto was our key to catching Bloodtooth Bellows, but I was wrong. Still, we can't lose hope. More Deathspeak pirates have begun to gather at their base, perhaps sensing we mean to wipe them out. Our scouts say they're rallying to their standard, which is born by the Deathspear Officers. I want you to slay the Officers and bring me their Flags to me. With no one to command them, the pirates will devolve into chaos.
Reward: 376,000 gold, and 4,256,700 experience
Objective: Obtain 15 Deathspear Flags carried by the Deathspear Officers, and bring them to Serik Thrasea.
When turning in the quest: Ah, a Deathspear flag! I'm almoth loath to touch it. But retrieving this flag was a vital step in my plan. With no one left to command his crew, Bloodtooth will have to show himself or risk losing control of the Deathspear entirely.

14th Quest: Deadspears Tell No Tales
Talk to Serik Thrasea once more to pick up this quest.
Quest Name: Deadspears Tell No Tales
Quest Info: My strategy is working! Reports just came in that the Deathspear Adjutants have been spotted in the area. They're Bloodtooth's personal guard, so he won't be far behind. Go now, and we may be able to end this conflict once and for all.
Reward: 376,600 gold and 4,256,700 experience
Objective: Kill 25 Deathspear Adjutant and report back to Serik Thrasea.
When turned in: His Adjutants are down. Bloodtooth will have to show himself now, or cede the coast to the Alliance.

15th Quest: Bloodtooth's Last Bellow
Serik wants your help again. Talk to him to pick up this quest.
Quest Name: Bloothtooth's Last Bellow
Quest Info: There's news! while you had the Adjustants engaged our scouts spotted an opening in the rock leading to what looks to be a cave inside the Deathspear Base. Gold coins to copper that's where Bellows is hiding! It's been a long camptain against the Deathspear, but there's finally light on the horizon. Bloodtooth Bellows is within arms reach, and it falls on you to kill him. When the job is done, take that ******'s head to Gilles Gederlin as proof of his demise.
Reward: 376,700 gold and 5,008,840 experience
Objective: Find and kill Bloothtooth Bellows, and take his head back to Gilles Gederlin. You can find Bloodtooth Bellows hiding in a secret cave within the Deathspear Base.
When turned in:[/b:4920a857da] So this is the infamous Bloodtooth Bellows? When all you have to look at is a head, he doesn't look like anything special, does he?

16th Quest: For the Gauntlets
Talk to Gilles Gederlin for your reward. The reward is a pair of level 70 gauntlets, and you can choose them by class: Fighter, Defender, Ranger, Archer, Mage, or Priest.
Quest Name: End of an Era
Quest Info: In the end, Bloodtooth just got too big for the pond he chose to swim in. When the Alliance arrived on these islands, we brought our laws with us. He should have learned that sooner. We'll display his head on our walls, as a warning to any other fools who might share his aspirations.
Reward: Level 70 quest gauntlets of choice by class, 376,600 gold and 2,664,360 experience
Speak to Gilles Gederlin once more and then you can choose your gauntlets.
More Info: We couldn't have done this without you. Please select a reward. Much as our gratitude is, our belts are tight on the frontier, so you may only choose one.
After choosing gauntlets of choice: An excellent choice. May it help you in your future endeavors.

17th Quest: Speak to Gilad
When you click on Gilad: Long live the Deathspear Pirates!
Quest Name: Between The Lines
Quest Info: (This pirate looks thoroughly depleted.) Think you're the big hero, don't you? You don't know it, but you were nothign but a puppet. Those pompous nobles sang their tune and you danced right along to it. If you knew what I know, you'd have put your masters to the sword, not us. Oh, yes. Your precious Alliance of Light is nowhere near as pure as they would have you believe. This isn't the first time they've dealt with the Deathspear. Don't believe me? Then make like a good puppy and go ask your masters.
Reward: 37,600 gold and 1,332,180 experience
Objective: Gilad, the defeated pirate, implied that your superiors had dealings with the Deathspear pirates. Find Gilles Gederlin and confront him about it.
When turned in: Oh, our hero of the hour! What did you want to see me about?

18th Quest: Dirty Backdoor Deal (1)
Talk to Gilles Gederlin once more to learn more about this quest.
[b]Quest Name:
Dirty Backdoor Deal (1)
Quest Info: (As you relate your encounter with Gilad, Gilles laughs uncontrollably. His agitation continues to grow, until he finally interrupts your story.) Enough! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Be careful spreading such lies, hero. You wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea. Really, that you'd give such a thing credibility... and from a pirate no less! I don't want to hear any more of this nonsense! Get out of my face! (As you turn to leave, you notice Kilass looking at you.)
Reward: 37,600 gold and 1,322,180 experience
Objective: Speak to Kilass to finish this quest.
When you speak to Kilass: Information is my trade. If you need to know what's really going on, talk to me.
When turned in: (After noticing Gilles's outburst, Kilass stops you for a moment.) What did you say to Gilles? You must have hit a nerve; I've never seen him shout like that.

19th Quest: Dirty Backdoor Deal (2)
Talk to Kilass to continue this quest.
Quest Name: Dirty Backdoor Deal (2)
Quest Info: So you met a Deathspear survivor, eh? What did he tell you? (Kilass grows grim as you tell him what you've heard about the Alliance and the Deathspear.) I see... that would explain why they were so determined to vanquish the Deathspear. I fear this information makes a few other tidbits fall into place.
Reward: 37,600 gold, 1,332,180 experience
Speak to Kilass again to complete the quest.
When turned in: To be blunt, there are always people who break the law - and the Alliance nobility is no exception. According to my sources, the Deathspear pirates were once sanctioned privateers operating under Apulune's authority. Let me explain.

20th Quest: Dirty Backdoor Deal (3)
Talk to Kilass once more to start this quest.
Quest Name: Dirty Backdoor Deal (3)
Quest Info: The use of privateers goes back several reigns. I've heard rumors that the Deathspear brigadiers were employed by a small faction of nobles, to cripple their rivals in court. Ransacking trade ships, disrupting communication... there's a lot you can do with a pirate fleet. But there's always a downside to working with the criminal element. I suspect that the Deathspear's targets were close to these islands.
Reward: 37,600 gold, 1,332,180, and Kilass' Letter
Kilass' Letter: This item is used to start a quest. Right click to start. This letter, addressed to the defeated pirated Gilad, is written in beautifully flowing script.
Click on Kilass once more.
When turned in: Bloodtooth Bellows probably escaped the authorities in Teos Espiros for years before coming here. When he was first approached to become a privateer, it might've seemed like a safe idea. No doubt they lined his pockets quite well, until someone started sniffing around. In a better world, we would have the time.
Now go talk to Manfred in Elysium.

21st Quest: Conspiracy and Sacrifice:
In your inventory should be a letter: Kilass' Letter. Right click to start the quest.
Quest Name: Conspiracy and Sacrifice
Quest Info: (This letter promises safe conduct and passage off the island for Gilad the pirate. In exchange, Gilad will provide information about to the nobles who hired Bloodtooth Bellows and his crew.)
Reward: 37,600 gold and 1.998,280 experience.
Objective: Take the letter to Gilad and talk to him to finish this quest.
When you speak to Gilad: (Gilad reads the letter warily.) By the hells, I'd like to see those bloody nobles pay. I'll have to wait till things cool down o'course, but this letetr could come in handy some day. For now though, it's best if I stay scarce till things blow over. I don't blame you for what you did. Business is business, after all. But I hope this serves as a lesson to you. Maybe next time you'll ask a few questions and think for yourself, rather than blindly obeying orders. Not everything's as simple as it seems, eh?

Token Quests for Level 70:
Quest Name: Token of Appreciation
Talk to Manfred in Elysium to pick up this quest, and turn in 10 A Token of Appreciation.
Quest Info: I know you work hard for the Alliance of Light, but my praise only goes so far with higher-ups. To remedy this problem and get you the recognition you deserve, we're starting a new program. From now on, when you help people, they'll just give you Tokens of Appreciation. Just bring those to me, and I'll have hard evidence to show the top brass how much you're doing for the Alliance.
Reward item: Threemas' Coffer
Threemas' Coffer: A box filled with the energy of Threemas. Awards a random lapis.
Objective: Collect ten A Token of Appreciation to obtain a Threemas' Coffer.

Quest for Token:
Get this quest from: Hamilton, in Crowd Port
Quest Name: Island Hunt
Quest Info: This new land has the kind of beauty that makes me want to settle down and start a homestead. I staked all I had on my journey here, and I'm beginning a new life from nothing. I've gotta survive, but these monsters aren't making it easy. If you were to thin out the Sand Tatoramos and Venomhorn Basilisks, at least I should be able to raise a good crop in peace. That would help me get on my feet.
Reward: 37,600 gold, 927,560 experience & A Token of Appreciation
Objective: Kill 120 of each and return to Hamilton in Crowd Port for your reward.

Quest For Token:
Get this quest from: Vestin, in Crowd Port
Quest Name: Clearing The Air
Quest Info: Birds of a feather must block together, because all of these pirates are ugly! Their very existence is a blemish upon my eyes. You surely wouldn't group me with them, would you? Of course not - the superior stock is evident at a mere glance. Say...why don't you take out some of those Deathspear Rippers and Deathspear Duelists? The world will be a more pleasant place for it.
37,600 gold, 927,560 experience, & A Token of Appreciation
Objective: Kill 120 of each and return to Vestin in Crowd Port for your reward.

[b]Quest For Token:

Get this quest from: Weslin, south of Crowd Port, on a hill just off the path.
Quest Name: Pirates' Perdition
Quest Info: The pirates' influence is growing - they practically have the run of the port at this point. It wouldn't be a problem if pirates were our only foe, but there's the whole Union of Fury to worry about, and other enemies out there that we don't even know about yet. Our troops are spear out, unable to heavily fortify any one area, and these pirates are putting a strain on our defensive lines. I wnt you to infiltrate the Deathspear Base and take out some Deathspear Plunderers and Deathspear Officers.
Reward: 37,600 gold, 927,560 experience & A Token of Appreciation
Objective: Kill 120 of each and return to Weslin for your reward.



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